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Evidence Privacy Policy

Evidence respects your privacy. We attach great importance to protecting the privacy of individuals who visit our website, individuals who register to use our services ("Customers"), and individuals who apply for jobs. This privacy policy describes your rights to privacy and our commitment to protecting your personal information. All major privacy decisions at Evidence are made at the management level.

Who We Are

Evidence helps healthcare providers improve its operations to achieve optimal staffing at the right cost, maintain a good working environment, and ensure patient safety. The company develops and sells digital products and services for demand management and capacity planning. Evidence was founded in 2022 and has offices in Stockholm, Sweden.

When Do We Collect Personal Information?

  • When you use our products
  • When you sign up to receive information through our websites
  • When you communicate with us in person, by phone, email, social media, or through our websites
  • When you register for an event
  • When you apply for a job

Why Do We Collect Personal Information?

We collect your personal information for the following purposes:

  • Improve and develop the quality, functionality, and user experience of our products, services, and websites.
  • Conduct direct sales and contract processes.
  • Fulfil contractual obligations such as delivery, invoices, payments, and support as per our agreement with you as our customer

What Personal Information Do We Collect?

The personal information about you that Evidence processes may include:

  • Basic contact information such as name, phone number, email address.
  • Information you provide when applying for a job, such as previous employers, education, and references
  • Demographic information such as age and gender if mentioned in your job application
  • Employment information such as title, competence level, employer, and position
  • Your preferences and interests in a professional context
  • Videos or photos of you taken in our premises
  • Content you upload, such as photos and videos (e.g., receipts for submitted applications or booked support)
  • Feedback or questions regarding our products, services, or Evidence
  • Your unique user information such as login ID, username, and password
  • Traffic information provided by your browser, such as the browser used, device, language, and IP address
  • Your behaviour and activity on our website and among our products
  • Email behaviour, such as which emails you open, when you read them, and how

Evidence does not collect or process personal data from any special categories.

How Do We Collect Personal Information?

Evidence collects general personal information directly from you. In some cases, we also collect your personal information if your company is a customer of Evidence. We may use cookies and other tracking technologies when you use our websites, products, and communicate with us via email to optimise your user experience. We may also collect personal information about you from other sources such as partners, social media platforms, or third-party providers that collect data.

How Long Do We Store Personal Information?

Evidence only stores your personal information for as long as necessary for the purpose of processing. We consider our legitimate interest in being able to respond to your inquiries or resolve any issues and comply with rules and regulations under applicable law. This means that we may retain your personal information for a reasonable period after your last interaction with us. When the collected personal information is no longer required, we delete it. We may process certain personal information for statistical purposes, but in these cases, the personal information will be anonymous.

What Is the Legal Basis for Processing Personal Information?

  • Consent: We may process your personal information in connection with our marketing communication based on your consent given by registering via consent forms.
  • Contract: We may use your personal information to fulfil our obligations under contracts with our customers, partners, or suppliers.
  • Legitimate Interest: We may also collect your personal information if it is of legitimate interest, in a way that we assess does not conflict with your privacy or freedom.

Rights of the Data Subject

As the data subject, you have the following rights regarding your personal information:

  • You have the right to access your personal information.
  • You have the right to data portability (if possible).
  • You have the right to have your personal information corrected.
  • You have the right to withdraw consent at any time.
  • You have the right to restrict or object to our processing.
  • You have the right to request the deletion of your personal information.
  • You also have the right to file complaints with privacy authorities about our processing of your personal information.
  • Contact for all inquiries regarding your rights. If you have consented to email marketing, use the link in the email to manage your subscription.

Cookies and Pixel Tags

We use digital tracking technologies such as cookies and pixel tags to collect information about Evidence users and visitors to our website. We use cookies to understand your preferences for future visits, track how many people view the advertisement, and collect information about user interactions to offer better experiences and tools in the future.

You probably already know what cookies are—small text files that distinguish one browser from another. Most browsers are set to accept cookies because most websites require it. However, you can change your browser settings to deny cookies, block third-party cookies, or indicate when a cookie has been sent.

Pixel tags are codes that run when a user visits a website or opens an email. A third-party cookie is then downloaded to your browser or records that an email has been opened.

How We Share Your Personal Information

We may share personal information with third parties to perform tasks within the company, such as data analysis, email distribution, database management, or data hosting on our behalf. We may also send your personal information to partners, third-party product providers, subcontractors, and other linked organizations if necessary for them to perform services on our behalf. We may provide your email address to third-party software to evaluate validity to avoid and reduce spam.

We have entered into binding agreements required by applicable law with such third parties and require them not to use your personal information for purposes other than those mentioned in this privacy policy and for no other purposes than to perform necessary services for us. If the processing of your personal information takes place outside the EU and EEA, Evidence will ensure that there is a legal basis for this by using the European Commission's standard clauses (EU Model Clauses). You are welcome to request an overview or more detailed information and documentation on the legal grounds for international transfer.

We will disclose your personal information if required by law or if disclosure is necessary to comply with a legal process. We will only disclose your personal information if absolutely necessary and if we can ensure your privacy rights.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

These privacy policies will be continuously monitored and subject to an annual review. The document owner is responsible for the annual review. In the case of recurring critical incidents, additional reviews may occur.

How to Contact Us

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our privacy policy:



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