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"...The Evidence solution transformed our operations, adeptly balancing summer vacation demands with patient needs. This innovative tool enables seamless management of staffing, ensuring staff enjoy holiday flexibility while upholding optimal patient care standards.."

Caroline Herlin

Caroline Herlin

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"...In my extensive career, I've witnessed numerous system implementations often delayed. Evidence, however, stood out by collaboratively and efficiently rolling out to over 40 care units covering planning for 1700+ employees in less than a month—a true partnership experience..."

Urban Bärring

Urban Bärring


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How does this burden first-line managers?

What we have seen since our first implementations is that it takes about 45 minutes together with the care unit manager to creat a productions plan and model their activities in the tool. Evidence is designed for clinical leaders, which allows them to carry out an initial dimensioning without previous training in the tool. Comments and feedback from first-line managers is that it saves time when they are otherwise sitting in difficult-to-work spreadsheets or lack of tools and methodology. Through Evidence we enable them to take ownership of their operation that provides transparency across the organization.

Does it take long to get started?

We have a predefined format for uploading historical production, waiting lists, skills & average salaries that we connect to your cost centers, this shortens the implementation time considerably. We also offer as standard a cloud service that is up and running just a few days after an order is placed and where users can start dimensioning their capacity plans right away.

Do you need Evidence if you have a BI-platform?

BI solutions are excellent analysis platforms, provided that the underlying data is correct. However, BI reporting is static and relies on the data stored in the data warehouse. In the Evidence interactive platform, users create their own plans for production, capacity, costs, and staffing. This creates system-unique data that is then optimized for quality, economy, and a sustainable work environment. This approach enables control and ownership of the data that cannot be achieved in a BI system. Evidence integrates, of course, with BI platforms both to retrieve and make data available.

Does Evidence also offer methodology support and consulting services?

Yes, drawing upon years of experience, Evidence has developed methodological support, strategies for change management, organizational structures, and integration into existing management systems. This approach facilitates the efficient implementation of a Demand & Capacity planning solution and accelerates the realization of benefits.

Can you integrate with the HR system so that we do not have to maintan two different staff registries?

Yes, Evidence can read staff lists, time worked and planned and actual absences. Either through the personnel system API, through the customer's data warehouse or  that it is imported through the Evidence rest API

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