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A shared perspective for the entire organisation.

The greatest benefits emerge when the entire organisation, from care-units to senior management, in addition to finance and HR, work towards organisational alignment

First line management
Take control and ownership of your patient demand, production target, and resources
  • Analyse patient demand and create a realistic and detailed plan for your production
  • Model capacity and schedules building on your knowledge and experience of your care-unit
  • Receive immediate feedback on cost and staffing requirements for different scenarios
  • Compare productivity with other care-units to optimise quality, cost, and working conditions
  • Monitor outcomes versus plan and identify risks to build proactive recovery plans if required
Head of department
Gain a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the clinic’s demand, production targets, resources and costs, to be able to take full accountability for financial and clinical priorities.
  • Promote transparency through a common methodology that enables a better dialogue with both hospital management and employees
  • Monitor outcomes versus plan and identify risks to build proactive recovery plans if required
  • Coach your unit managers to achieve the right level of productivity using internal and external benchmarking
  • Enhance quality in the budget process and the alignment between production targets, capacity and costs
Hospital senior management
Implement sustainable cost and productivity improvements throughout the organization
  • Identify clinics and care units with the potential to save costs, as well as those requiring investments.
  • Set tough but realistic targets for all care-units through internal and external benchmarking
  • Monitor outcomes versus plan and identify risks to build proactive recovery plans if required
  • Recruit and retain staff by ensuring sustainable working conditions in all care-units.
  • Enhance collaboration between healthcare operations, finance, and HR to create conditions for trust, and fact-based dialogues
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Regional management
Work strategically to enable hospitals and care providers to deliver quality care with a high but sustainable productivity, while hitting budget targets.
  • Facilitate sustainable and widespread adoption of demand and capacity management using a scalable system, reducing dependency of a few individuals
  • Define strategic targets for healthcare availability, productivity, and cost.
  • Access fact-based data anchored in the healthcare delivery operations as basis for prioritizations and decisions.
  • Create conditions for trust and a fact-based dialogue regarding economic, clinical, and political priorities.
  • Attract and retain staff by ensuring sustainable working conditions in all operations.
Deepen collaboration with clinical leaders to identify and implement sustainable efficiency improvements.
  • Gain access to fact-based data and simulation tools supporting the dialogue with clinical leaders regarding economic and clinical priorities, which are crucial for sustainable efficiency improvements.
  • Align with budget targets and iteratively develop the best solution together with clinical leaders by modelling capacity and schedules.
  • Receive immediate feedback on cost, productivity, and staffing requirements for various scenarios.
  • Enable more trust-based financial governance with greater ownership, where the budget is aligned with production targets and sustainable productivity levels.
Enhance quality, transparency, and proactivity in staffing decisions.
  • Clearly link resource- and competency requirements to patient needs and production targets.
  • Identify risks of staff shortages already during the planning phase to enable proactive measures.
  • Ensure that production planning adheres to current labour agreements and working time regulations.
  • Simulate the impact on costs and resource requirements when creating or renegotiating labour agreements and working time regulations.
  • Attract and retain staff by ensuring sustainable working conditions across all care-units.
Business development
Free up time and drive progress throughout the organization.
  • Refocus from developing and maintaining Excel models to providing coaching and support to clinical leaders.
  • Enhance security and scalability through a clear methodology and system support, facilitating widespread adoption.
  • Assist clinical leaders in analysing patient needs, creating a realistic and detailed production plan.
  • Support clinical leaders with scenario management to simulate how changing work methods impact productivity, costs, and competency requirements.
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