Demand and capacity management in healthcare

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Demand planning
Understand patient demand and set tough but realistic targets
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  • Start with patient needs and create a detailed production plan for your healthcare unit in a simple step-by-step approach.

  • Analyse referrals, historical outcomes, and waiting lists in a user-friendly interface with AI support.

  • Make a detailed plan in the dimensions that is critical to your operations, and let the system handle the rest.

  • Account for holidays, vacations, and other events impacting production in a simple and intuitive interface.

  • Gain a comprehensive and up-to-date view of how patient demand and production targets are aggregated across departments, divisions, and regions/hospitals.”

Accurate targets based on demand
Detailed planning with minimum effort
Increased awareness and accountability
Capacity planning
Striking the right balance between quality, cost and a sustainable working environment
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  • Build your capacity plan to align with the production plan by modelling detailed rosters

  • Relate the capacity plan to the production plan and analyse your productivity.

  • Evaluate your productivity and compare with similar care-units to find the optimal balance between quality, cost, and working environment.

  • Learn from 'best in class' through benchmarking both internally and externally with other healthcare providers and regions.

  • Use the granularity of the benchmarking to actually learn HOW you can improve your capacity plan.

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Optimised resource utilisation
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Improved patient experience
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Sustainable working environment
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Gain control over production, availability, costs and staffing
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Cost planning
Identify sustainable cost improvements
  • Calculate estimated costs for the capacity plan.

  • The detailed bottom-up cost estimate built on the capacity plan enables a solid budgeting process.

  • The dialogue where the bottom-up calculation meets predefined financial constraints may require tough financial and clinical prioritizations but it’s crucial for sustainable improvements and meeting budget targets.

  • Enhance collaboration between finance and healthcare operations using a tool that enables transparency, mutual understanding, and accountability, essential for building trust-based financial governance 

Transparent budgets enhance accountability
Informed clinical and financial prioritisations
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Cost efficiency and financial sustainability
Enable a more proactive staffing
  • Calculate staffing needs per competence for the capacity plan, based on current labour agreements.

  • Manage information about available staff and planned absence through integration with HR systems or directly within the system.

  • Make long-term estimates of staffing requirements, accounting for expected absences, to identify shortages and surpluses by competence and date-period

  • A transparent plan enables early decisions, prioritization, and proactive collaboration across organizational boundaries in critical periods.

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Shared view of the staffing situation
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Enables proactivity
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Basis for collaboration across the organisation
Professional services
A clear path to widespread adoption.
  • Leverage our experience in implementing demand- and capacity management in healthcare organisations to maximise the positive impact.

  • Clearly defined implementation project at a fixed cost.

  • Technical integration with other business systems.

  • Change management and project management of effective demand and capacity management across the organisation.

  • Training and support for clinical leaders, superusers, and other supporting functions

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Maximize ROI
Enable cultural shift
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Partnership for continuous improvements
Deliver more high-quality care with fewer resources!

Deliver more high-quality care with fewer resources!

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